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AEW Fantasy Wrestling Rules Update For The Double Or Nothing Season

Posted by: goukijones Dec 13, 2019 | 149 views | 0 comments

Hello AEW DropTheBelt Players,

We have some new and exciting rules being added for 2020. While these rules are in a beta phase, the specific description may change. Please stay tuned to this story for any updates. We are looking to add more Special Rules and Stipulations specifically for AEW in 2020. Have a comment or suggestion about any of the DropTheBelt rules? Leave a comment below.


The AEW Free Agent Trade Window opening will be moved from Friday 10 AM PT to Thursday 10 AM PT. The window will still close Wednesday 4 PM PT.

The January 22, 2020 episode of Dynamite may or may not be taped during Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager. The trade window will close at different times specifically for this event. Monday, Jan. 20, 2020 10 AM PT and re-open Thursday Jan. 23, 2020 10 AM PT after Dynamite airs.



3 Points - A scene backstage where wrestlers interact during a skit in character. Must be during LIVE television. There must be some indication that it is LIVE or cut to LIVE. Once per segment. Interviews will not count as Kayfabe. We are looking for segments that only involve wrestlers interacting with each other or talking directly to the camera.

Cheap Pops

3 Points - When a wrestler says the city, state, arena or local sports team to get a cheap pop. Cheers and Boos count. Once per segment.

Steel Stairs

4 Points - Using the Steel Stairs as a foriegn object. Does not count if legal during a match. If a wrestler is disqualified using the Steel Stairs, points will be awarded. Steel Stairs will be awarded in place of foreign object when using the Steel Stairs. Picking up the Steel Stairs and hitting a wrestler, slamming or throwing a wrestler into the Steel Stairs, or doing a wrestling move on top of the Steel Stairs. These are the instances we are looking for.

Hallway Walking

2 Points - Walking down a hallway backstage on the way to the ring or to a commercial. Can be interrupted by other rules and canceled out. Only valid if there is no interaction or voice and the camera cuts away. Typically this happens right before there is a cut to commercial.


Show Opener

3 points. The first wrestler from the DropTheBelt Active Roster seen in front of the LIVE audience. After the beginning title plays, or the first wrestler to appear on stage or in the ring. The first wrestler to appear in front of the LIVE audience. *We want to make it clear, whoever gets Show Opener must be on the active DropTheBelt Roster. We will not add a wrestler in this situation.

Season Opener

10 points. The first wrestler from the DropTheBelt Active Roster shown on LIVE television during the season opening scored program. *Same as Show Opener.

Multiman Tag Team

2 points. Win a Tag Team match consisting of more than 4 wrestlers. (6-man, 8-man, etc.) *Has been changed from 5 points to 2 points.

Other Match

2 points. A stipulation match that does not appear on our list of stipulation matches. *Has been changed from 5 points to 2 points. Name changed from Other to Other Match.

Fade To Black Team Up

Will no longer be scored. All wrestlers will recieve Fade To Black.

Thank you for playing DropTheBelt Fantasy Wrestling. We are planning some great things for 2020. We’re very excited to add new games and new ways to play, so please look forward to it. All of the rules above will be added after the current season ends.

During the season we will continue to add specific stipulations and rules that may pertain to only AEW.

Thank you. Have a great Fantasy Wrestling 2020!

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